Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kitchens don't have to sit in a box

The main design elements of the household kitchen have remained more or less the same for many decades, but the Philippe Starck collection from Warendorf are surprisingly fresh and different.

The Starck collection takes kitchen design in a rather unexpected direction. The collection features the combination of kitchen functions with elements of different rooms.
In one design, the kitchen takes on the functionality of a library as well. The inclusion of tall shelves and even a rolling library ladder give the kitchen dual purposes as well as an unusually sophisticated aesthetic.

Another of Starck’s designs includes a rotating tower kitchen which contains everything one needs to have a fully functional kitchen: water, a stove, a fridge and a microwave are all contained in this tower kitchen design, along with plenty of storage space.

The kitchen designs from Starck and Warendorf go to show that even small-space kitchens can be eye-catching and completely functional.


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